The Davenport

Conversation Tune-Up: Bad Habits To Avoid for Better Communication

March 07, 2023 With Jamie & Guy Season 1 Episode 118
The Davenport
Conversation Tune-Up: Bad Habits To Avoid for Better Communication
Show Notes

In this episode, Jamie and Guy explore the Psychology Today article titled "6 Conversation Habits to Break." The article discusses six common conversational habits that can negatively impact communication and relationships. These habits include interrupting, story-topping, advising, being all-knowing, having to be right, and bright-siding. They dive into each habit and discuss how it can hinder effective communication and relationship building. They also offer practical tips and strategies for breaking these habits, such as practicing active listening, refraining from giving unsolicited advice, and being open-minded. Join them as they delve into these habits and discuss insights for improving our conversations and relationships.

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 About  Jamie and Guy:

Jamie Pyatt LCSW  is a mom, avid beach lover, exercise enthusiast, and a licensed clinical therapist with over 20 yrs of experience. She has worked in hospice care, child abuse intervention, and was an adoption facilitator for 13 years. Jamie loves working with individuals, couples, and teens as they embrace their personal stories and surf the daily waves of life. She makes friends wherever she goes and has a laugh that brightens any room. She believes each one of us deserves love, happiness, and connection ❤️Get to know Jamie better @therealjamiepyatt

 Guy  Balogh is a father of three, car enthusiast, an entrepreneur and small business owner (shout out to @holsterbrands), and a professional business and life coach. Guy loves working with individuals to think bigger, take risks, and maximize opportunities. His quick wit and talent for storytelling pair well with his desire to find the positive in any situation. Get to know Guy better   @therealcoachguy

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