The Davenport

Finding Joy After Loss and Bringing Sunshine To Those That Are Struggling, with guest Jason Clawson

April 12, 2022 With Jamie & Guy Season 1 Episode 78
The Davenport
Finding Joy After Loss and Bringing Sunshine To Those That Are Struggling, with guest Jason Clawson
Show Notes

On this week's episode Jamie and Guy welcome Jason Clawson, therapist, widower, father and founder of Sunshine Boxes. During this episode, Jason shares the devastating story of losing his wife to colon cancer and how he tackled what felt like an impossible journey to find joy again.  He explains that nine months after her passing, he staged his own "intervention" and created a "healing team" that he could turn to when things felt too heavy.  By being vulnerable and connecting with others, he begin to heal and find happiness again.  Looking back, one moment that stood out to him during this difficult time was receiving a "Sunshine Bucket" full of happy yellow items.  He recalls how much joy and momentary happiness that brought to his family.  After his wife passed, he and his sons decided to create Sunshine Buckets for others who might be struggling.  As word spread, Jason received more and more interest in his boxes and what began as a few buckets has grown into "a Sunshine Movement".   To meet that need, he has created a a kickstarter campaign to be able to provide a little bit of sunshine to anyone in need.  He explains that these boxes are more than fun yellow items, "they are a customized box of sunshine to comfort your loved ones with their specific struggles and are designed to help the person going through grief branch out and build support around them with minimal effort".  To learn more about Sunshine Boxes go to his website: and follow him and his team on Facebook or Instagram at:

To learn more about his kickstarter campaign click here:

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Jamie Pyatt LCSW  is a mom, avid beach lover, exercise enthusiast, and a licensed clinical therapist with over 20 yrs of experience. She has worked in hospice care, child abuse intervention, and was an adoption facilitator for 13 years. Jamie loves working with individuals, couples, and teens as they embrace their personal stories and surf the daily waves of life. She makes friends wherever she goes and has a laugh that brightens any room. She believes each one of us deserves love, happiness, and connection ❤️Get to know Jamie better @therealjamiepyatt

 Guy  Balogh is a father of three, car enthusiast, an entrepreneur and small business owner (shout out to @holsterbrands), and a professional business and life coach. Guy loves working with individuals to think bigger, take risks, and maximize opportunities. His quick wit and talent for storytelling pair well with his desire to find the positive in any situation. Get to know Guy better   @therealcoachguy

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